Save up to 60% OFF Domestic and International Air Fare!

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Save up to 60% OFF Airline Tickets!



Booking Period: Today - 12/31/2021

Travel Period: 2021 and 2022

Save up to 60% OFF Domestic and International Air Fare!

Avoid what we've all experienced - jumping on the internet to search for the cheapest airline flights, only to look up blurry-eyed, hours later often times more confused than when you started! It is overwhelming to search the tons of travel sites and search engines with fluctuating prices, hidden fees; and nearly impossible to compare apples to apples.


Choosing to work with a travel advisor will not only save you both time and money - but you will endure much, much less stress associated with travel planning.

Book your airline tickets with Ciao Bella Travels to save between 40% - 60%! My airline booking system consistently provides huge savings that I'm able to pass along to my customers.

How It Works

  • SPECIALS_AirlineFlight_insideairplane.jpgMy tools have access to all flights offered from all airlines - including the flights that airlines do not publish on internet travel websites.
    • Internet tools like Google, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. only have access to about 40% of all available flights.
  • I have access to both last minute flights, as well as planning a trip for a later date in the future.
  • You can associate your airline rewards program, when you purchase your flights through Ciao Bella Travels.
  • I use my expertise and time to research and find the best fights at the best price at the best times. You spend your time determining how to spend your savings during your vacation!
  • Let's get started! Tell me where and when you want to go. Let me know if you have airline preferences, preferred seats, special meals or requests.

Why Choose to Book with a Travel Agent?

  • I will do all of the work for you! Including special arrangements, vegetarian meals, window seats, airport transfers, wheelchair assistance, etc.
  • You can still look for flights online - just give me a call when you find what you like - since I can save you money with the actual booking!
  • There won't be any hidden or surprise fees. Sometimes, when booking online via the internet, the quoted price may not include all taxes and fees associated with the airline ticket.
  • In additional to your airline flights, we can also assist you with hotels, car rentals, all-inclusive vacations and even travel insurance. We are your one stop travel shop!
  • We've got your back. Things can go wrong, and when your flight is canceled, you call me - and I take care of your rebooking for you. As opposed to you having to wait in line with the other 300 passengers trying to get rebooked by the airline at the same time.
  • We keep up to date with travel restrictions and requirements - especially in the age of Coronavirus. The CDC is continuously updating travel requirements and advisories. We stay on top of this information, and how it impacts your travel plans.


Non-commissioned flights will incur a $125 service fee per each airline ticket.


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