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Why Choose Ciao Bella Travels

Why Choose Ciao Bella Travels?

Here are three great reasons to book your next trip with Ciao Bella Travels.


Emergencies can affect your travel plans. When flights, cruises are cancelled, it is so much easier to have your travel advisor rebook your travel. Instead of spending hours on the phone trying to make your travel changes, you just have to contact your travel consultant to reorganize your trip details on your behalf. Your travel agent has direct access to the airlines, often bypassing the help desks and long hold times. Moreover, if your flight is cancelled on your day of travel, while you are at the airport - instead of standing in line with the other 300 travels, you can call your agent to rebook on your behalf!

Some things that create emergencies when you travel include:

  • Mother Nature - weather events
  • Civil unreast
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • COVID-19 disruptions
  • Wildfires
  • Labor strikes
  • Airlines going out of business


Travel consultants work with access to a team of travel industry professionals - with a combined, expansive expertise. A travel agent's expertise is tremendously helpful when planning your trips. The research that individuals perform will always pale in comparision to the knowledge and experience your travel advisor brings to the table.

Travelers should experience the brilliance of travel each and every time they travel; not just 'once in a lifetime'. The advantages that your travel agent offers are not just for the luxury trips - but for all travelers on all of their vacations, business trips and adventures. Great travel counselors know how to create an experience that is the best trip for you, your budget; the best fit for you!

Travel agents can offer their clients with access to people, places and experiences you won't find on TripAdvisor!

During times of scarcity, personal connections can make the difference. Travel consultants spend years creating and nurturing relationships with hoteliers, restaurant owners and others in the hospitality industry. Great travel advisors are able to create amazing one-of-a-kind travel experiences.


Often times, travel consultants are able to exceed their customers' expectations, for the same price. For example, the cruise industry offers suite upgrades, free shore excursion, on-board credits, to travel advisors, who pass these benefits on to their customers.

Additionally, planning your trip with a travel agent liberates the you to make the best decisions and choices, after the agent has narrowed down the selections based on not only the agent's personal experiences, but the realtionships they've developed over the years. Your travel consultant may be able to include daily breakfasts, room upgrades, late check out or early check in, free airport transfers and more.