TSA Rules You Should Know

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TSA Rules You Should Know
Written By: April Bachman ~ 6/28/2021

We all have been in that situation where we are ready to go through security, and we forgot to pull out our ID, or you forget to take your shoes off, or you packed something you forgot to take out of your bag, so you get pulled to the side to be searched…here are a few tips and tricks to remember before you head to TSA before your flight!

If you forgot your ID…don't fret! Although, it is very much preferred to have your idea before going on vacation, you can actually still possibly get on a domestic flight without it. You might be able to complete an identity verification process, which includes a number of different security questions with a TSA officer. Please remember that this does not always happen, and if you are running late for a flight, it might be easier and quicker to just turn around and grab your ID.

If your ID has been expired after March 1st, 2020 and you have not been able to renew, TSA will still accept it for up to a year BLOGPOST_TSASecurity.jpg after. This ONLY applies to domestic travel. You cannot use ID's such as temporary ID's and paper driver's license, this is not a new rule, but you do have to remember this!

Now, let's talk about the things that trigger the alarms and cause TSA to have to pull your bag aside and open it and go through  it. A lot of times, food can trigger the alarm to go off. To avoid this, pack all of your food in a clear plastic bag, separate from your packed carry on, and put it in a separate bin. Double check what you put in your carry on! The most important thing most people forget about is, you cannot carry more than 3.4 ounces of liquid (with the exception of hand sanitizer)….and YES moisturizers and lotions count!

To make your travels easier and faster, sign up for TSA Pre Check. This speeds up the process of security, and you can leave your shoes, belt and a light jacket on. They also do not need to remove liquids or electronics from your bag. Along with the TSA Pre Check is the TSA app you can download on your phone, this will give you regular updates and security information before your flight!

Remember to continuously wash your hands, and you can even ask the TSA members to change their gloves before touching your things to stop the spread of cross contamination. Check the rules before you pack something in question, and you can even ask questions on the TSA's twitter account here, https://twitter.com/AskTSA.

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