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Can't Travel? Travel from Home!!
Written By: April Bachman ~ 8/20/2021

Have you wanted to travel over the past year, and couldn't?  Maybe due to COVID, maybe due to work, maybe due to budget because of COVID?  Well, now you can travel from home!  Who knew?!  Several places around the world have given you the ability to see the world, right from your home.  Grab some popcorn, and check out the links and descriptions below, and go visit the world!

Scotland - If you have ever wanted to visit Scotland, now is your chance!  Check out the beautiful views from the lighthouse, to the castles!  You can also watch the Puffins of 2021, here Puffin Cam.

African Safari - These cameras are SO MUCH FUN!  You do have to have a little bit of patience with these ones, because you have to wait for the animals to come around!  It is very exciting to watch and then see an animal come around.  These are great live streams for the family!

San Diego Zoo - This is another great option for families with young ones!  What a great experience to be able to see all of these animals up close and personal.  These cameras are great and are such a fun way to see the zoo virtually.  The San Diego Zoo also has other really great learning videos about their animals!

The Louvre - If you are a art buff, and enjoy paintings and sculptures, and you have been wanting to go to the is your chance!  The Louvre has put out an interactive virtual tours and it is quite amazing!  I have been to the Louvre in person and it is JUST like being there.

Museums Around the World - If you love museums, and want to see the ones all around the world, here's your opportunity!  Google has put together a really great collection of meseums, from the Van Gogh Museum to The Mint Museum in Charlotte.  Enjoy these museums right from the comfort of your own home!

What a great world we live in where technology can bring us together to be able to see everything just from the comfort of our own home.  Enjoy these moments and bring the family together to do a tour, or go see some animals in Africa, we might not have a chance to.  



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