Why Paris is My Favorite City

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Why Paris is My Favorite City
Written By: April Bachman ~ 7/12/2021

Everyone has that favorite city that they have visited and when they return home, they just want to visit again and again and again. I have a couple of these cities that I could just visit every month and not ever get tired of going. Las Vegas is one, I LOVE going to Vegas. Every time I go there is a new thing I haven't done and every time I leave, I just say to myself how I can't wait to go back to do the things I didn’t get to do that trip. As much as I love going to Vegas, there is one city that tops all of those feelings, and that's Paris.

There are so many reasons why I love Paris, and this blog could be hundreds of thousands of words, but I will tell you just a couple of reasons of why I love going and my favorite parts about the city. If you have ever been to Europe you know the ambiance of the country is very mellow and laid back. This is one of my favorite things about Paris. The minute that you set foot into Paris, you can just feel a shift change in yourself, and in the atmosphere of relaxation. You feel this overwhelming sense of not needing to be in a hurry to do everything.

The bakeries in Paris are none to beat. The first time I was in Paris, my mom and I checked into our hotel and the first thing we BLOGPOST_Paris.jpg asked was what was included with the breakfast, and of course they gave us a list and they included croissants. The next morning we were SO excited to get up so that way we could have our very first croissant in Paris. I will never forget that feeling or that taste of my first real croissant. There's no words to even describe how amazing it was. It was just the perfect crispy on the outside, but perfectly baked on the inside and the perfect amount of buttery taste. If going to Paris and eating a croissant is not on your bucket list…it needs to be.

At the time of while I was visiting Paris I was heavily into the hotel industry, and I was so intrigued to see how the hotels were operating in that country. Of course you had your big hotels, like your Marriott and your Hiltons, but we chose to stay in a little bed and breakfast right in the middle of town. This hotel was interesting, to say the least, as it was very small. If I had to describe it, I would say it would be like a five or six bedroom house that was being rented out, but half the size of what you're thinking. I was attracted to this hotel, because of how intimate it was. The hotel staff knew all of their guests and knew who was there for what and that was something I strived to be when I was in the industry.

EVERYONE and I mean everyone, were SO incredibly nice. There was not a single person I met when on either of my trips to Paris that I thought were rude or mean. As a tourist in a city you don't know, you get worried that you will not be able to find your way around…you don't speak the language, you don't know the streets, you don't where anything is, so you get worried that you will feel out of place. My mom and I decided to do the double decker bus, but we couldn't find the bus stop, and so I decided to ask someone in a store for help (even though I knew I was taking a risk of them not knowing what I was saying). The lady was SO nice and understood everything that I was saying, and she walked out of the shop and pointed us in the right direction of where we needed to be. It was like that everywhere, and everyone was so intrigued on where we were visiting from. You could really feel this sense of feeling like each person actually cared about us.

Besides the food, the hotels, and the people, Paris is general is such a beautiful city. There was one day that we just drove around for about half the day, just looking at all of the amazing and beautiful architecture around. The architecture is so unbelievable, and there is so much history behind all of it. I wish we had time for everything (Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame de Paris, Palace of Versailles…etc.) I've done the Eiffel Tower twice and will do it every time I go back, because of how amazing it is.

Just like with Vegas, I could go to Paris each and every month and find something to do that I haven't done the times before. Paris fills my heart every time I know I get to go, and I can't wait for more trips in the future to go, but for now, I will have to just daydream in my memories!

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